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Our Management Team

Ann Durham

Chief Executive Officer

Ann Durham serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Confirmatrix Laboratory. Ms. Durham is responsible for the vision, leadership, and strategic planning within Confirmatrix Laboratory. She oversees the financial and operational management of the company’s daily operations. Ann also supervises the Corporate Compliance Program to ensure management and employees are in compliance of rules and regulations of regulatory agencies, that company policy and procedures are being followed, and that behavior in the organization meets the company’s Standard of Conduct. Prior to joining Confirmatrix, Ms. Durham consulted for several organizations in the areas of compliance, operational infrastructure, corporate policies, and finance. She has held positions as President for a national automotive distribution company as well as CFO for Lotus Cars U.S.A., Inc. She holds a B.B.A. in Accounting from North Georgia College and State University.

Dr. Stanley Wu

Director of Laboratory Services

Confirmatrix Laboratory director Dr. Stanley Wu is a board-certified clinical toxicological chemist. He has a Ph.D. in bioanalytical chemistry/health science from the University of Michigan, a master's degree in analytical chemistry from Clarkson University, as well as a master's in electroanalytical chemistry and a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

Dr. Wu's extensive experience includes:

  • Instrumental analysis and methods such as HPLC-DAD/FD, LC/MS/MS, immunoassay
  • Interpreting the laboratory analytical results based on clinical chemistry correlations
  • Toxicology, pharmacology, and pharmacokinetic information
  • Evaluating the accuracy of analytical performance of diagnostic tests
  • Developing and managing laboratory QA/QC program according to FDA, CLIA, CAP and SOFT guidelines
  • Developing and validating new analytical methods and clinical toxicology

In the field of clinical chemistry, he specializes in performing and interpreting clinical diagnostic tests with immunoassay and chemistry analyzers for drugs of abuse and applications of chromatographic and mass spectrometry techniques in clinical and forensic toxicology and metabolic disease.

His experience in biostatistics includes the practical applications of statistics in laboratory for quality control management for QC design; method development and validation; evaluating and measuring the accuracy of analytical performance of diagnostic tests.

In addition to his impeccable qualifications, other skill sets that Dr. Wu possesses that are extremely valuable to Confirmatrix Laboratories include his experience in reviewing analytic reports, interpreting analytical toxicology results, and evaluating the impact of drugs on human behavior. He is also trained in Waters MassLynx 4.1 Agilent Technologies, 4000/3200 QTRAP System Small Molecule, the application of LC/MS in human toxicology, fundamentals of LC/MS/MS and basic method validation.

David Silverstein, MD

MD Toxicologist

As MD Toxicologist, Dr. David Silverstein serves as the clinical liaison between Confirmatrix Laboratory and our clients. Speaking directly with the physicians and practitioners, Dr. Silverstein is always available for personalized, peer-to-peer consultation, interpreting analytical toxicology results, clinical correlation and customer service. Combining the ability to analyze HPLC-MS/MS data with his vast clinical and teaching experience, and knowledge of prescription medication and drugs of abuse, Dr. Silverstein provides the unique ability to partner with our clients, and to bridge the scientific and clinical realms. He leads a team that performs daily review and audit of laboratory data and final reports to assure quality and accuracy, offering yet another layer of data review prior to results reporting. Dr. Silverstein came to us from a laboratory setting, where his toxicology experience focused on drug and alcohol treatment centers. He has over 15 years of clinical experience as a trauma surgeon and critical care physician. Dr. Silverstein holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from UMDNJ New Jersey Medical School (now Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) and a Bachelor of Arts in Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Nancy Charron

Vice President of Laboratory Operations

Nancy Charron serves as the Vice President of Lab Laboratory Operations. She brings over 26 years of experience in medical technology and administration in the management of clinical laboratory services. With her experience in planning, quality management, and compliance, Ms. Charron has been integral in the exponential growth of the laboratory as well as securing its accreditations and regulatory approval. Prior to joining Confirmatrix, she worked in the Gwinnett Hospital System in different management capacities culminating as the Administrative Director of their three clinical laboratories. Ms. Charron holds a M.S. in Healthcare Policy and Administration from Mercer University as well as a B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Medical Technology from East Stroudsberg State College.