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What is pain? Pain is defined as a sensation or feeling that is unpleasant or hurts. If you feel pain, it normally indicates something is wrong. Pain has different ranges and can have a quick onset or develop over time. Each individual feels pain differently and it is a unique experience.

There are two types of pain – acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is considered pain that is intense and short-lived. Normally, acute pain is associated with an injury and goes away once the injury has healed. Chronic pain is considered a pain that is lasting. The severity of the pain can range from mild to severe.

Pain affects many Americans each year. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine confirms that, “Every year, approximately 100 million adult Americans experience chronic pain, a condition that costs the nation between $560 billion and $635 billion annually. Much of this pain is preventable or could be better managed.”

FAQs about Medication Monitoring

  • What is medication monitoring testing?

    The purpose of medication monitoring testing is to allow your physician to compile an accurate representation of all the medications that can affect your treatment plan and progress. Even the slightest deviation can have an effect on the desired treatment outcome.

  • Who pays for the testing?

    Confirmatrix Laboratory will bill your insurer directly for any testing we perform. These tests are billed separately from what your physician may bill. Please ensure you provide your physician with your current and complete insurance information. Your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits, which is not a bill. All insurances are different and depending on your policy, Confirmatrix may send you a statement for a co-payment or deductible.

    If you do not have insurance, you are still responsible for paying for our services. Most laboratories bill self-pay patients a higher amount for the testing and constantly contact patients until the bill is paid. However, Confirmatrix charges self-pay patients a reasonable fee and works with patients and their individual financial needs.

  • Why am I being tested?

    It is important to monitor prescription medications for all patients. Medication monitoring assists in presenting a "clear" picture to the physician, which reflects a more conclusive treatment regimen.

  • How often will I be tested?

    Your physician will determine how often you are tested.

  • How will I get my results?

    Your confidential results will be sent to the physician who requested the testing. Results are typically returned within 24 hours.

  • How does it help me as a patient?

    Using some drugs in combination with others can be dangerous. In addition, not using prescribed drugs properly can hinder your treatment plan. Your physician uses the monitoring process to make sure he is providing you with the best treatment possible. Medication monitoring aids in patient safety and helps your physician provide complete care.

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