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What We Do

Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Confirmatrix Laboratory, Inc. is an independent laboratory that provides comprehensive drug testing, medication monitoring, and support services. As a physician, treatment center, or other provider, you can turn to Confirmatrix for accurate on-site/point of collection analysis that will save you time and money.

We provide testing for drugs of abuse, therapeutic drugs, employment drug screening, and occupational health testing utilizing the highest industry standard for analysis of initial profiles and confirmatory procedures. Our liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) technology enables us to provide rapid turnaround times and the most accurate interpretations.

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How We Are Different

Confirmatrix Laboratory is committed to quality testing with a guaranteed turnaround time that is less than our competitors. We will collect specimens and perform the test the very same night, which allows us to provide test reports within 24 hours. Most of our competitors cannot match this quick testing window and turnaround.

Our lab uses one of the most advanced laboratory information management systems (LIMS) available today. Our cutting-edge LIMS can generate test result reports with higher accuracy and a customized, easy-to-read report for each client. For quicker access to reports, we can also link our LIMS to most clinic electronic medical records (EMRs). Interfacing with our LIMS can help your clinic run more efficiently and reduce clinic operating costs.

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Why Test and How Often?

As a physician, having a drug testing policy for your practice helps you approach the topic of drug testing patients with ease. If a policy is in place in your office, patients are more apt to feel comfortable and understand why they are being tested. Most of the risk of making a patient feel uncomfortable is diminished when they understand you are following the clinic policies and procedures.

A drug testing policy also helps eliminate feelings of patient profiling based on racial, cultural and other physical appearances or actions. In addition, you can get a conclusive picture of what patients have in their systems, which can improve their treatment. With careful explanation of the purpose and benefits of drug testing to their treatment, patients usually understand and are appreciative of the extra step to assist in their care.

Many patients are tested every visit, while some are randomly tested, and others are tested on a 3-month cycle. The key is for the patient to realize that drug testing is to help in their treatment. By creating a policy in your clinic, there will be a definitive answer when patients ask why they are being tested.

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How Our Services Are Paid

Your clinic provides Confirmatrix Laboratory with the patient’s insurance information at point of collection and we bill the insurance company (Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance) or patient (self-pay).

Unlike other labs that charge self-pay patients an excessive rate, Confirmatrix charges self-pay patients a reasonable fee and can arrange a monthly payment plan if needed.

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Benefits of Medication Monitoring

Medication monitoring helps identify potential drug interactions that can affect a patient’s mental and physical state. This allows health care providers to determine and document if the patient is properly taking prescribed medications and/or illicit substances. Test results can initiate or further discussions about the patient’s treatment plan and their lifestyle, which can help improve the patient’s health.

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Our Responsibility Pledge

To Our Clients,

At Confirmatrix Laboratories, we are determined to achieve the highest standards and customer service in all of the testing we perform. We stand for integrity and take pride in our business and policy ethics.

Our laboratory has created a Responsibility Pledge to set a standard for what we do and the way we conduct business.

Responsibility Pledge:

Here at Confirmatrix Laboratories, we are committed to the utmost professionalism. We will provide our clients with the most comprehensive, valid, and accurate test results. Quality patient care is extremely important to us as a company. At Confirmatrix Laboratories, we make our role in this care a top priority.

We understand that our relationships with our clients, healthcare professionals, and everyone we work with are the most important relationships we maintain. Our goal is to earn your loyalty through our hard work, dedication, and exceptional customer service.

Confirmatrix Laboratory is committed to helping healthcare professionals provide the best care to their patients. Our testing will allow for this care to be possible. We strive each day to continue our exemplary work in order to be the best in the industry. From our lab director, clinical administrator, lab manager, medical technologist, i-method, protocol, and procedure supervisor to our lab technicians, we are a highly qualified staffed laboratory and experts in our fields of study.

We pledge to stay in compliance with the guidelines set by the Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Program Guidance for Clinical Laboratories, as well as follow state and federal compliance requirements, regulations, and laws that are in place to guide how clinical laboratories operate.

Our methods and testing procedures are based on scientific facts and values produced by our laboratory, in which extensive research and data analysis are collected and measured. Our testing procedures are what set us apart from any competitor. We are proud of our procedures and efforts to assist our clients. We hope you find a valuable partnership in Confirmatrix Laboratories.

Click here to print a downloadable version of our pledge.

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Detection Windows

As a reference for physicians, Confirmatrix has assembled estimated urine drug screening detection windows.

Download a PDF version of our Detection Windows

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