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If you are a pain management clinic, occupational health facility, treatment center, primary care office, or OB/GYN in the United States that acquires specimens for drug screenings, turn to Confirmatrix Laboratory for the fastest, most accurate results. Specimens in the Atlanta metro area will be picked up by courier while other samples will be sent overnight to our facility.

Our services include:

Courier Service

Confirmatrix Laboratory offers courier service in the Atlanta metro area for the convenience of our clients. This service allows our clients to collect samples during the day, schedule a pick up that works for them, and that very same evening their samples are on our running machines. Courier service can be scheduled at different times on different days, it is completely customizable to your personalized needs. Please contact us to schedule this service.

Urine and Oral Drug Testing

Confirmatrix tests both oral and urine samples, and both are highly effective and accurate ways of testing the presence of drugs. Urine tests also have a longer detection period, typically about twice as long, as blood or saliva tests. Oral fluid (OF) collection is quite easy and carries a smaller risk of spreading infection.

Urine is the preferred specimen for drug testing primarily because it is a low-cost monitoring strategy that will detect most drugs for 1 to 3 days post exposure. The advantages using urine specimen for drug testing can be summarized as follows:

  • Non-invasive
  • Ample volume
  • Drugs and drug metabolites found in urine are usually stable
  • Drugs and their metabolites are often present in higher concentrations in urine than in other biological materials
  • Detectable in urine for relatively long period of time (benzodiazepines, up to 21 days; cannabinoids, up to 60 days)
  • Presence of metabolites, in addition to parent drug, provides further evidence of drug use
  • Readily preserved by refrigeration or freezing
  • Analysis relatively simple because of absence of proteins and cellular material in urine

Testing of oral fluids can possibly yield results which can differ from the traditional urine drug screen. Finding drugs in an OF sample is generally considered as better indication of recent use than detecting them in a urine sample. These differences include which parent drug and metabolites are present, the detectable concentrations, and the duration of detection. Drug concentrations in oral fluid are generally related to content in blood. Only free unionized drug can transfer into oral fluid by passively diffusing across biological membranes. However, oral fluid loses nothing to urine when the overall positivity rates are compared. Many of scientific publications on oral fluid testing also show that oral fluid testing is a reliable way to monitor patient adherence to chronic opioid therapy. This provides clinicians with an option for medication monitoring testing in addition to urine drug testing. Due to its accessibility, rapid easy collection, difficulty of adulteration, and ability to reflect recent drug intake, the use of oral fluid in various drug- testing programs has been expanding rapidly. This change in the use of alternative specimens to urine or blood for establishing exposure to drugs has become a significant direction in clinical and forensic toxicology.

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