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Our Specialties

Pain Management

Confirmatrix Laboratory works with pain management physicians to help determine if patients are taking their prescribed medications in the proper doses and will detect if patients are taking any medications that may interfere with the medications prescribed. Compliance by the patient is an extremely important part of the treatment plan prescribed by pain management physicians. This testing is critical to formulate a more conclusive picture of the patient's needs.

Treatment Centers

Confirmatrix Laboratory recognizes the importance of drug testing as a key piece in patient care when partnering with in-patient and out-patient treatment centers. Quantitative drug testing provides a comprehensive picture of where the patients are within their treatment stages by reporting exact measures of drugs in their system. When treating the disease of addiction, it is extremely important that results are delivered in a timely manner. With 24-36 hour turnaround time we protect the patient from unneeded heartache, treatment adjustments, or even program discharge due to false point of collection results. Confirmatrix values the relationships with our treatment centers and is dedicated to provide the best service to assist on the road to recovery.

Primary Care

Primary care physicians are finding it more critical to perform UDS drug screenings on each patient they treat. Patients are taking medications and routinely forget to mention many of them. Drug to drug interactions are more common due to them not reporting what they are taking. The primary care panel (aka Bennett Panel) covers many over the counter drugs and commonly taken herbals, as well as common controlled and illegal substances. By providing a panel tailored to the Primary Care physician we hope this allows for more complete management of a patients treatment routine and increasing quality of living.


Quantitative drug testing provides a comprehensive picture by reporting exact measures of drugs in the system and is an important piece of protecting the overall health and well-being of present and future mothers. Patient education with a clear treatment plan makes the process much easier and increases the chances of having a healthy baby delivered by a healthy mother. Women’s health care professionals make it their mission to assist in quality patient care for those who are planning to get pregnant, who are already pregnant, or those who are postpartum. Confirmatrix values our relationship with women’s health care professionals, and we are dedicated to providing them with the best service.